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Transportation Account Services

We help you build your competitive advantage, recognizing that the need for outsourcing driver resources is an important business decision. We understand that having access to a pool of drivers increases your options and flexibility. We perform all the recruiting, hiring, interviewing, and drug testing, freeing up your time and resources for other business activities. We assist you with staffing based on the current needs demanded by the business at hand.

Custom-Tailored For You

Driver Leasing Services will enhance your flexibility and reaction time by offering DOT qualified Class A and B drivers with one phone call. All DOT paperwork, including drug testing, has been completed prior to the driver arriving at your place of business.

Here are just some of the services we provide:

  • Local Delivery Drivers
  • Shuttle Divers
  • Intra-State Drivers
  • Port Drivers with TWIC
  • Special Event Drivers
  • Trade Show Drivers
  • Labor Dispute Replacement Drivers
  • Equipment Repositioning Driver
  • Pre-employment Screening/Random Drug Testing
  • Employee Benefits Administration
  • Workers Compensation Management
  • Computerized Payroll/Tax Deposit Management
  • Complete DOT File Management and Maintenance
  • Temporary to permanent hire programs are available (with predetermined hours of service completed).