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Driver Leasing Services is designed to benefit both the customer and the driver. This philosophy fosters a quality business relationship and a ‘Win-Win’ situation for all parties.

Driver Leasing Services is dedicated to providing quality service to both Drivers and Transportation Employers. Our staff of trucking industry professionals has backgrounds in the areas of recruiting, transportation and human resources. This unique blend of talent ensures that we understand the needs and proven solutions that come with operating a private fleet. Outsourcing transportation needs and logistics management have become among the most important business decisions our corporate customers have to make. DLS enhances corporate flexibility and reaction time by providing DOT qualified Class A and B drivers with one phone call. DLS recognizes that most drivers are looking for a permanent position. Our program is focused on the goal of placing our drivers with the company they have been working for. This creates an environment where drivers are always motivated to do a quality job, practice good attendance and dependability, and be courteous to customers.

A Good Driver Is Our Testimony To Good Service

Driver Leasing Services is the answer to your short- and long-term truck driver staffing challenges. We understand the many difficulties you face in finding qualified drivers, ensuring compliance with DOT regulations, and matching your driver needs to your company’s fluctuating business volume. We solve all of these challenges by providing quality professional DOT qualified drivers that meet you hiring standards and practices.

How We Find Great Drivers

You know the challenge: Too many truck driving jobs are chasing too few drivers. There are many factors behind the trend, but the bottom line is that experts are predicting a 10-year driver shortfall. So how does Driver Leasing Services consistently supply highly qualified drivers? We do it by rigorous recruiting, and an unwavering screening process that meets all DOT Standards as well as the clients’ requirements. The Driver candidate has to be right for the Job and the Job has to be right for the Driver. We also offer a benefit program that attracts Good Drivers looking for a ‘Home’. They know that excellence in performance, Safety, and customer service are the keys to success in our industry. We create a ‘Win-Win’ situation for all parties involved.

Rigorous Recruitment and Screening Standards

When one of our drivers steps into one of your vehicles, you can rely on the fact that that individual is fully screened, experienced and qualified. We know your business depends on it. Our recruiting and operations staff are specially trained to screen, interview, and process potential drivers based on today’s rigorous DOT and Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) standards and regulations.

Services To Meet Your Needs

We work closely with all of our clients to match our services to their needs. Long-term, short-term, full-time, part-time – whatever your driver demands are, we have a solution to meet them.

  • Placement – We provide long-term drivers to increase your existing driver workforce or as an alternative workforce.
  • Managed Services – We provide a complete turn-key driver service to your location, supported by a dedicated, client-specific workforce infrastructure.
  • Specialized Services – We also provide specialized recruiting, selection, and compliance services designed to support your unique workplace requirements